Best Visitor Management Systems

Top healthcare visitor management systems (2022) 

Top healthcare visitor management systems (2022) 

As soon as first-time visitors walk into your practice, they get a sense of what type of experience they’ll have right away. It all adds up—from how friendly your receptionist is to how clean the lobby is. 


If there’s even a small way to improve that first impression, it’s worth it.   


Today, we’ll share one way to help nail that first impression— using a visitor management system for your healthcare practice.  


We’ll start by explaining exactly what a visitor management system is. Then we’ll share details about the top 5 healthcare visitor management systems to consider, the features to look for, and lastly, the benefits of using this type of technology. 


Note: The prices and features are accurate as of April 2022. Features and pricing may change. 


What is a visitor management system? 

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A visitor management system is a tool used to check in employees, patients and other visitors. Most visitor management systems streamline the entire process of welcoming a visitor end-to-end. It’s a modern alternative to checking people in with a paper book and requiring them to hand write their names and email addresses.  


In the past, and still today, it’s very common to use paper to check in visitors, even in a world going paperless. And you likely know how the rest of the process goes— the receptionist will have to perform actions such as alert the relevant staff members, print a name tag, and keep track of the sign-in sheet for record-keeping purposes. 


This entire process is connected with a visitor management system, and one action automatically prompts the following action. Here’s a simple breakdown of how it can work. 


  1. Visitor enters their details 
  2. A name tag is automatically printed 
  3. Relevant staff get a notification on their device 
  4. Visitor information is stored for record-keeping purposes 

Top 5 healthcare visitor management systems 

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There are many visitor management systems in the market today. Some are made for general use, while others are designed for specific industries and use-cases.  


To save you time, we’ve gathered 5 of the best visitor management systems that have proven use-cases in healthcare that you should consider.  


1) Teamgo

Teamgo is a visitor management system solution based in Australia. The company has been developing their software since 2012 and has had customers ranging from Victoria State Government to Mcdonald’s. They’ve maintained really good reviews on popular review sites. 


Let’s take a closer look. 



  • Free iPad app 
  • Automatic notifications to relevant staff when specific visitors have checked in 
  • Unlimited users 
  • Employee sign-in 


  • Contactless sign-in software 
  • QR codes 
  • 30-day free premium trial (no credit card needed) 
  • Australian-owned 
  • 24/7 support available 
  • Security delivered by Amazon AWS Australia. 


  • Although very positive reviews, it has fewer reviews than most of the other companies on our list 
  • It’s an affordable option compared to many on our list. For this reason, although the functionalities and features are robust, it’s not as comprehensive as some of the other solutions we’ve reviewed. 


Teamgo has 3 pricing plans: 


  • Standard plan: $88/month/location when billed annually 
  • Premium plan: $199/month/location when billed annually 
  • Enterprise plan: Contact the Teamgo sales team for a custom quote 

2) Proxyclick

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Proxyclick is perhaps the most popular visitor management system in our list based on the number of reviews. They have customers in over 108 countries and work with over 35 Fortune 500 companies. They have a strong attention to data security, making it a great solution for healthcare businesses. 


Let’s dive deeper.  



  • Customisable workflows 
  • QR codes for quick and contactless check-in 
  • Legal document signing 
  • Premium integrations 
  • Multiple languages 


  • Touchless check-in for added peace of mind 
  • Unique features to help with Covid compliance 
  • Many features for contractors, such as granting entry for a limited time 
  • Features to help your receptionist, such as pre-registration 


  • The solution is very robust and comprehensive. For that reason, the cost is a bit more compared to a few others on our list. 


AUD pricing available upon request. The pricing will vary depending on the conversion rate, so the prices listed are in USD. 


Proxyclick has 3 pricing plans: 


  • Essential: $100 / month / location when paid annually 
  • Premium: $300 / month / location when paid annually 
  • Enterprise: You have to contact them for custom pricing

By subscribing to a 2-year plan, you can get a 10% discount. 


3) SwipedOn

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SwipedOn is a visitor management system that’s been around since 2014. Customers range from Hospice West Auckland to Immanuel Communities. Like other visitor management systems on our list, they’re based in the United States, but serve customers from all over the world, including Australia.  


Let’s take a closer look at their solution. 



  • QR codes for quick and contactless check-in 
  • Health screening checks 
  • ID badge printing 
  • Ability to customise the sign in process 


  • Pricing in AUD 
  • Very affordable 
  • Contactless sign in for added safety and hygiene 
  • Ability to choose where data is hosted (including AU option!) 


  • Many top features are only included in Business plans and higher 
  • Features like text notification are available, but for an extra cost ($29 / month / location when billed annually) 


SwipedOn has four pricing plans: 


  • Starter: $49 / month when billed annually 
  • Business: $99  /month / location when billed annually 
  • Enterprise:$149  / month / location when billed annually 
  • QR only: You must contact them for a quote

4) The Receptionist

  1. Visitor Management Page - The Original Visitor Management System

The Receptionist is another visitor management solution that began operations in 2013 and has since then worked with many organisations ranging from Sonic Healthcare to ADP. They’re based in the USA, but have customers all over the world, including Australia. Like every company on our list, they’ve maintained really good reviews online. 


Let’s take a closer look. 



  • NDAs and legal documents for visitors to sign 
  • Multilingual check-in options 
  • QR check-in code 
  • Automatic badge printing 


  • Contactless check-in for added health safety 
  • Expedite the check-in process for return visitors 
  • Many features to make your receptionist’s life easier 


  • Features that include texts may incur additional fees or restrictions for Australian users 
  • It only works with iPads 
  • The priciest on our list 


Note that the pricing for WorkInSync is listed in USD. The Receptionist has 4 different pricing plans:  


  • Basic: $539 / year / location / month when billed annually  
  • Premium: $1089 / year / location / month when billed annually  
  • Pro: $1639 / year / location / month when billed annually  
  • Executive $2739 / year / location / month when billed annually  

All plans include a month free and they also offer a 14-day free trial. 


5) Envoy

Envoy is a top visitor management system based in the United States. However, they maintain many international customers, including Australian businesses. They’ve worked with customers ranging from Headspace to Slack. Users consider Envoy an out of box solution, and for that reason, they’ve maintained raving reviews on popular rating websites.  



  • Analytics and reporting 
  • Automatic notifications to relevant staff when specific visitors have checked in 
  • Photo capture, so employees know who they’re looking for 
  • Digital document signage 
  • Automatic name tag printing 


  • Proven solution with many raving reviews 
  • Customizable sign-in allows you to create multiple sign-in workflows 
  • Very comprehensive solution end-to-end 
  • Easy to set up 
  • Check-in is synced to printers, so it automatically prints a name tag when someone checks in 


  • Some people have commented that it’s a bit hard to look for contacts, so its contact search feature could be stronger. 
  • Can be a bit on the pricier end 


Keep in mind that Envoy lists its pricing in USD. Envoy has four pricing plans: 


  • Basic: Free 
  • Standard: $99 / location / month when billed annually 
  • Premium: $299 / location / month when billed annually 
  • Enterprise: You have to get in touch for a custom price. 

Benefits of a visitor management system for your healthcare practice woman standing near monitor


There are many benefits to leveraging technology in 2022 to help with the visitor check-in process. Visitor management systems constantly add more features to further streamline many routine tasks associated with checking in and checking out visitors. Here are just a few of the many benefits you can enjoy when you add visitor management systems to your tech stack:  


  • Make a memorable first impression: The lobby is the first thing your patients, visitors, and contractors see. Using a visitor management system is a simple way to show your visitors that your practice is modern and you’re up to date with the latest trends and technology. 
  • Keep track of who’s who: If you work at a larger company, you know it’s easy to start seeing people around and wondering if they’re a coworker, contractor, or visitor. A visitor management system has many features to help with this, including badge printing and photo capture.  
  • Improves the experiences for your guests. Your patients and visitors will love how easy it is to check in. For future visits, they will not need to enter details they’ve already shared in the past since the system will already have the information linked to their email. 
  • Help the receptionist: Your receptionist works hard and a visitor management system can be like hiring an intern for them. Your receptionist will still play a big role in being friendly and welcoming guests, without the stress of needing to sort out routine tasks that can be handled by technology.  
  • Streamline compliance and privacy: From helping to comply with mandatory data retention periods to capturing signatures for NDAs and other legal documents, visitor management systems are a great solution for healthcare businesses who are looking for ways to streamline compliance.  


Visitor management systems are a faster, more efficient alternative to the traditional way of checking visitors in. Not only does it provide a memorable initial experience for visitors, it makes your employees’ lives easier too.  


We hope our list of top visitor management systems with proven use-cases in healthcare is helpful for you.  


Something to keep in mind: Using technology to make your healthcare organisation more modern and streamlined has many benefits, but be mindful that you’re putting trust in a third party when you use cloud software like the ones on our list.  


You can take additional measures to further improve your security posture when adding technology to make your organisation more efficient.  


If your organisation needs help with securing your data and assets, get in touch for a no-obligation consultation